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Tefft Hill Farm Homeowners’ Association and individual lots within Tefft Hill were established in 1989 and are governed by the By-laws on file at the South Kingstown Town Hall, with an unofficial copy presented here for general knowledge.   All are encouraged to become familiar with the By-laws and Architectural Review Guidelines and to obtain an official copy from the Town Clerk’s office.

There are three (3) Board members. We elect one Board member per year at the annual meeting thus serving a three (3) year alternating term. Board members vote at regular meetings on matters of policy and finance.  The Board members appoint the Officers who advise the Board on all matters and implement policies.  The Covenants Committee act on By-laws and landscaping issues.  The Architectural Review Board (ARB) reviews plans for homeowner lot improvements to ensure they are in compliance with the ARB Guidelines and By-Laws.

Homeowners are invited to all meetings to add to the discussions regarding association business and positive improvements to Tefft Hill.  At the annual meeting, homeowners, in good standing, elect one Board member to a three (3) year term, approve an annual budget, approve By-law changes (if necessary), and vote on special items that may be presented.

An annual budget is prepared and presented at the Annual Meeting for vote.  A landscaping contractor is hired by the Association to maintain the common areas (103 acres) throughout the neighborhood.  There are several landscaping and lawn areas that must be maintained throughout the year along the public roadways of Tefft Hill.  Other expenses include, but are not limited to, insurance, taxes, and common area improvements.  Given the volunteer leadership efforts of your Board, Officers and Committee members, Tefft Hill has a very low and very affordable annual dues assessment.  Your volunteer leadership practice prudent fiscal management to ensure a healthy association.

Short History of Tefft Hill
The Tefft’s were both farmers and landowners, founded by family patriarch John Tefft in the 1600's. His son Joshua played a decisive roles in King Philip's War (1675-6), including the Battle of the Great Swamp. On the bitterly cold day of December 19, 1675, Josiah Winslow led over 1,000 United Puritan Colonial troops from nearby Massachusetts and Connecticut, along with about 150 Pequot and Mohegan natives, converged on South Kingstown, intending to take the Native American fortress by force. Though the Narragansett tribe was not directly involved in the King Philip's War, they were allegedly sheltered many of King Philip's men, women and children with several of his warriors. In the celebrated Battle of the Great Swamp which followed, Joshua Tefft either willingly, or because he was kidnapped by the Narragansett Indians (the record is unclear), fought side-by-side with the Narragansett Indians against the Colonial troops. The fortress was eventually overrun and Joshua was captured, hanged and quartered for his participation. The Narragansett Tribe, which had been quasi-neutral to that point, joined forces with Metacomet (aka. King Phillip, son of Massasoit who earlier helped the Pilgrims survive in the new world). The Battle of the Great Swamp was a critical defeat for the Narragansett Tribe, one which they would not ever fully recover from. Joshua’s remains are buried in a grave site on preserved land adjacent to the Tefft Hill neighborhood. We thank the Tefft family and historians for providing some of this information and photos.