1. In addition to the provisions of the Declaration, including, without limitation, Article II and Article XI of the Declaration, the following Rules and Regulations (Regulations), together with such additional Rules and Regulations as may hereafter be adopted by the Board of Directors, shall govern the use of the Properties comprising Tefft Hill Farm and the conduct of all residents thereof.

2. Wherever in these Regulations reference is made to "Owners," such term shall apply to the owner of any Lot, to his family, tenants whether or not in residence, servants, employees, agents, visitors and to any guests, invitees or licensees of such Owner, his family or tenant of such Owner. Wherever in these Regulations reference is made to the Association, such reference shall include the Association and the Managing Agent when the Managing Agent is acting on behalf of the Association.

3. The Association reserves the right to alter, amend, modify, repeal or revoke these Regulations and any consent or approval given hereunder at any time by resolution of the Association or the Board of Directors.

4. Nothing in these Rules and Regulations shall be considered to prohibit the Declarant from using the easements and rights retained by it to construct Tefft Hill Farm and sell Lots and improvements.


5. No part of a Lot shall be used for any purpose other than residential housing for a single family, their servants and guests.

6. No exterior of any building on any Lot or the windows or doors thereof or the lighting that would affect the exterior appearance shall be painted, decorated or changed by any Owner in any manner without prior written consent of the Architectural Review Board.  (ARB Guidelines)

7. No Owner shall make or permit any objectionable odor or noxious or offensive activity that will disturb or annoy the occupants of any other Lot or do or permit anything to be done therein which will interfere with the rights, comfort or convenience of other Owners, their tenants, or guests.

8. Each Owner shall keep his Lot and porches or patios in a good state of preservation and cleanliness and shall keep his lawn mowed and shall remove any unsightly brush or weeds..  (ARB Guidelines)

9. No Owner or occupant of a Lot shall make or permit any disturbing noises to be made on the Lot or on the General Common Area by himself, his family, friends, tenants, servants, or other invitees; nor do or permit anything to be done by such persons that would interfere with the rights, comforts, or conveniences of other Owners or occupants. No Owner or occupant shall play or allow to be played any musical instrument, radio, TV, hi-fi, tape recorder, or the like on the Properties between the hours of 11:00 PM and the following 8:00 AM if the same shall disturb or annoy other Owners.


10. Section 2.12 of the Declaration provides for certain restrictions governing the maintenance, keeping, boarding and/or raising of animals, livestock, poultry or reptiles and by this reference is included herein.

11. An authorized pet may be maintained in a Lot so long as it is not an nuisance. Actions which will constitute a nuisance include, but are not limited to, abnormal or unreasonable crying, barking, scratching or unhygienic offensiveness.

12. Pet Owners are fully responsible for personal injuries and/or property damage caused by their pets.

13. Except in designated pet exercise areas, pets must be leashed; leashes may not exceed six feet in length.

14. Owners of pets walked upon the General Common Area must promptly clean up their pet’s droppings in all areas outside the authorized pet exercise areas.


15. Should an employee of the Association at the request of an Owner move, handle or store any articles in storage areas or remove an articles therefrom or handle, move, park or drive any automobile placed in the parking areas, then, and in every such case, such employee shall be deemed the agent of the Owner. The Association shall not be liable for any loss, damage or expense that may be suffered or sustained in connection therewith.

16. All Owners shall observe and abide by all parking and traffic regulations as posted by the Association or by municipal authorities. Vehicles parked in violation of any such regulations may be towed away at the Owner’s sole risk and expense.

17. Parking so as to block sidewalks or driveways shall not be permitted. If any vehicle owned or operated by an Owner, any member of his family, tenants, guests, invitees or licensees shall be illegally parked or abandoned on the Properties, the Association shall be held harmless by such Owner for any and all damage or losses that may ensue, and any and all rights in connection therewith that the owner or driver may have under the provisions of state or local laws ordinances are hereby expressly waived. The Owner shall indemnify the Association against any liability which may be imposed on the Association as result of such illegal parking or abandonment and any consequences thereof.

18. The Owner shall not cause or permit the blowing of any horn from any vehicle in which his guests, family, tenants, invitees, or employees shall be occupants, approaching or upon the Properties, except as may be necessary for the safe operation thereof.


19. All persons using any of the recreational facilities do so at their own risk and sole responsibility. The Association does no assume responsibility for any occurrence, accident or injury in connection with such use. No Owner shall make any claim against the Association, its servants, agents, or employees, for or on account of any loss or damage to life, limb or property sustained as a result of or in connection with any such use of any of the recreational facilities. Each Owner shall hold the Association harmless from any and all liabilities and any action of whatsoever nature by any tenants, guests, invitees or licensees of such Owner growing out of the use of the recreational facilities, except where such loss, injury or damage can be clearly proved to have resulted from and been proximately caused by the direct negligence of the Association or its agents, servants or employees in the operation, care or maintenance of such facilities.

20. Any damage to recreational facilities, General Common Area or equipment caused by an Owner or such Owner's pets shall be repaired at the expense of the Owners.


21. In addition to all other rights which the Board of Directors has for nonpayment of assessments, the Board of Directors shall have the right to bar the use of an Owner of any of the recreational facilities for failure to make payment of any assessments or fees due as provided for in the By-Laws of the Association.


22. All charges and assessments imposed by the Association are due and payable on the first day of each month, unless otherwise specified. Payment shall be made at the Managing Agent’s office by check or money order, payable to the Tefft Hill Farm Homeowners Association. Cash will not be accepted.

23. Complaints regarding the management of the Association or regarding actions of other Owners shall be made in writing to the Managing Agent or the Board of Directors. No Owner shall direct, supervise or in any manner attempt to assert control over or request favors of any employee of the Managing Agent or the Association.


24. All persons shall be properly attired when appearing in the General Common Area.

25. Neither the Board of Directors, the Association, nor any Owner or Declarant shall be considered a bailee of any personal property stored on the General Common Area (including property located in storage areas on the General Common Area), whether or not exclusive possession of the particular area is given to an Owner for storage purposes, and shall not be responsible for the security of such personal property or for any loss or damage thereto, whether or not due to negligence, except to the extent covered by insurance in excess of any applicable deductible.