On-line Bylaws

Welcome to the Tefft Hill "Cyber By-Laws." As a progressive neighborhood, we have endeavored to make as much information as possible available on-line to our neighbors. This project has been long in the making, and is finally here! We hope that this information is useful to you and easy to use.


  1. The complete, official copy is located in South Kingstown Town Hall
  2. An unofficial hard-copy of the "Tefft Hill Homeowner's Package" may be obtained at the office/copy center store (previously Kinko's) in the Emporium near URI, for a modest fee.
  3. You can view the bylaws on-line here, or download them as PDF files. Click here to access the PDF files.


Summary of Important Considerations (NOT INCLUDED)

Introduction (NOT INCLUDED) 

Exhibit I  Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions, Charges, and
Liens for Tefft Hill Farm Homeowners Association


EXHIBIT B: Association By-Laws

EXHIBIT C: Additional Property (NOT INCLUDED)

Exhibit II Articles of Association of Tefft Hill Farm Homeowners Association (NOT INCLUDED)

EXHIBIT A: Purpose for which the corporation is organized (NOT INCLUDED)

EXHIBIT B: Provisions for the regulation of the internal affairs (NOT INCLUDED)

Exhibit III Purchase and Sale Agreement (NOT INCLUDED)

Exhibit IV Warranty Deed (NOT INCLUDED)

Exhibit V Indemnity Bond for Damage to Roadway (NOT INCLUDED)

Exhibit VI Lot Owner’s Improvement Bond (NOT INCLUDED)

Exhibit VII Lot Inspection Form (NOT INCLUDED)

Exhibit VIII Architectural Guidelines (Being Revised)

Exhibit IX Budget for 1994 (NOT INCLUDED)



Tefft Hill Homeowners Association • P.O. Box 5672 • Wakefield • RI • 02879 • U.S.A.