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Our Mailing Address:
Tefft Hill Farm Homeowners Association
PO Box 5672
Wakefield, RI 02879 
Annual dues payments and official correspondence may be mailed here.

Our Email address: teffthillfarm@gmail.com

Board members: We are the ones who officially vote at regular meetings on financial and policy matters.  One Board member is (re)elected at each Annual Meeting to serve a three year term.  We also appoint the Officers and Committee members each year.

Bill Boardman
Rick Kasper
Kevin Pincins

Officers: We advise the Board members and implement the policies and business of the Association.

President: Karen DeBoer
Vice President: vacant
Treasurer: Tracy Telford
Secretary: vacant

Architectural Review Board: We review and approve plans for pools, decks, sheds, etc. in accordance with the ARB Guidelines.
See the By-Laws, also.

Karen DeBoer
ARB member 2: vacant
ARB member 3: vacant

Covenants Committee: We review and address issues with Landscaping and By-laws.

Audrey Pincins
Covenants member 2: vacant
Covenants member 3: vacant
** Please note that all formal By-law complaints must be made in writing which will be held in strict confidence by the Homeowners’ Association.

Welcome Committee: Arranges invites to new Tefft Hill Farm Homeowner’s
Lucy Mueller (please contact the Secretary)


Homeowners: We are your neighbors throughout our 219 lot subdivision.  We are invited to all regular meetings and may vote at the Annual Meeting on the budget, new Board members, and other issues that are presented at the Annual Meeting.