Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes--May 9, 1996

Board Members Present:

Kevin Currier, Larry LeBlanc, Paul Desmarais

Meeting Minutes:

The meeting was called to order by President Bill Parrillo at 7:00 PM.

The minutes of the March 14, 1996 meeting were read by the Secretary, Tracy Kubricky.

The Treasurer's report was given by Ron Ramieri. He advised there was $46,309.85 in the bank.

Ron questioned whether Martin Lapkowski was considered a Declarant and only needed to pay dues of $10 or if he should be paying $100 per year for each of his properties. Tracy Kubricky read the opinion letter from Archibald Kenyon (see attached) stating that he is not a Declarant. Martin Lepkowski must pay $100 per year for plat 39-1 lot 101 Lookout La and Gail Lepkowski must pay $100 per year for plat 39-2 lot 63 (Bramblewood La) from the time the lots were turned over from Chestnut Hill Associates. Larry LeBlanc will verify these dates. Kevin Currier made a motion to bill them for these amounts, enclosing the opinion letter, as soon as the information is available giving them ten days to respond. The motion was seconded by Larry LeBlanc and all approved. A question was made regarding the approximately 30 people who still have not paid this years dues. A motion was made by Larry LeBlanc to send out a reminder letter. The motion was seconded by Paul Desmarais and voted by all.

Ron questioned moving the association funds to a higher interest account within Citizens Bank. Kevin Currier made a motion to change the type of account and it was seconded by Paul Desmarais. All voted yes.

Committee Reports

Entertainment/Recreation Committee:

Ron Ramieri advised a golf tournament is being planned. The committee would also like to plan a picnic but they are waiting for the plans from the grounds committee.

Grounds Committee:

Curtis Mayes questioned when the field was going to be mowed. Paul Desmarais advised he would have McGovern contact the grounds committee. Curtis also questioned the liability the association had for the trees which had fallen down in the open space near the main entrance. There was some question whether the area was part of Tefft Hill. Larry LeBlanc felt there was an easement by Tefft Hill to protect the trees. Larry will check to see if there is an easement. If there is Tefft Hill responsibility, the grounds committee can get the cost to have the trees cleared out.

Architectural Review Board:

Sarah Magnuson advised there was a request for a pool on Kings Ridge the ARB would like to have approved. Larry LeBlanc made a motion to approve the pool and it was seconded by Kevin Currier. It was approved by all.

There was an application for a shed on Lookout Lane approved by the ARB. Kevin Currier made a motion to approve the shed. It was seconded by Larry LeBlanc and approved by all.

Sarah advised there were two new requests being given to the ARB. One was for a shed and one for a garden. Bob Cruz explained his request for a garden to the board of directors. The ARB will meet to discuss these two requests.

There was some discussion regarding whether the ARB should be notified whenever anyone did anything to their landscaping. Larry LeBlanc advised the by-laws should not be changed in case someone did something to infringe on there neighbors rights. Larry gave the example of a front yard of sunflowers. It is just plantings but it would be unacceptable. Also, an example was given of a weeping willow tree. If it was planted in the wrong spot, the roots could damage septic fields.

Sarah also asked if the shed at 75 Woodmark Way has previously been approved. Larry advised it had.

Sarah advised the Covenants committee there was a shed on 25 Paddock Ct which had never been approved. The shed would be approved if is painted to match the house.

Sarah advised there were some chain link fences which were not surrounded by a living hedge. She asked what a living hedge would be. Larry advised it should be evergreen plantings to soften the look of the fence. Sarah will refer these fences to the Covenants committee.

Sarah questioned the status of the fence on Bramblewood. The ARB feels the shed looks fine with the current alterations and as long as it is not on open space should be approved. Larry LeBlanc advised he had it surveyed and it is not on open space. The board advised since the ARB requested the shingles be changed they should change them. The Board of Directors asked that they be called before an executive session at 6:30 p.m. before the next meeting since all the members of the ARB have not had an opportunity to speak with them. The shed and fence will be discussed at that time. The secretary will make the arrangements.

Newsletter Committee:

Grant Smith advised the newsletter had been distributed with donated time and materials. Larry LeBlanc suggested if any costs for postage were to be incurred in the future, the newsletter committee might want to consider having an ad placed in the newsletter to cover costs. Grant brought a laptop computer and offered to show anyone interested what the newsletter looked like on the Internet. He advised the next newsletter was planned for August.

Second Entrance Committee:

Paul advised the South Kingstown Planning board needs a letter requesting approval of the sign and he would give the letter to the secretary to send out. There was some discussion whether the entrance has ever been approved since according to the by-laws only votes taken in person or proxy votes are valid. Larry LeBlanc made a motion to get a bid for a second entrance not to exceed $4000. It was seconded by Kevin Currier. Larry advised he will talk to Roberts/Rocha.

Welcome/Farewell Committee:

Myrina advised they have their first coffee planned. Tracy Kubricky showed the form letter to the board that will be sent to Real Estate agents with a copy of the newsletter. A copy of the letter will also be sent to the homeowner. Grant Smith will give copies of the newsletter to the Welcome/Farewell committee the homeowner who is selling a house may want to leave it available to show prospective buyers what a good association we are. A motion was made by Kevin Currier to except the form letter with some minor changes (see attached). It was seconded by Paul Desmarais. All were in favor.

Yard sale Committee:

Tom Maloney advised Tracy Kubricky Barry Gross Jr. from H.D. Randall will sponsor the Tefft Hill Yard sale. He will pay for advertising and provide signs. The yard sale will be June 1,1996 with a rain date of June 2, 1996.

Bylaws Committee:

Susan Smith asked for a clarification of the difference between the declaration and the bylaws. Larry LeBlanc gave a brief explanation. He advised any change made in the declaration should also be changed in the appropriate place in the bylaws. The way the rules exist now, if the board of directors decided not to take any action on the fence issue, anyone else may take the issue to court. There will be a meeting later this month of the bylaws committee to discuss the plan of action.

Modification Committee:

No report

Covenant Committee:

Anonymous reports have been given to the Board of Directors regarding a house on Kings Ridge missing one shutter. Also, a house at 40 Deer Ridge with a shed and a boat in their yard. They were turned over to the covenants committee for investigation.

Garbage Pickup Committee:

A committee needs to be formed to see if the trash pickup can be consolidated to one hauler. Tom Mueller had done some preliminary work on this topic last summer and needs some assistance. John Barrett offered to assist Tom in this project.

Old Business:

Paul Desmarais advised the Christmas prize should have been given to the Deutsches on Woodmark Way.

A motion was made at 8:25 by Kevin Currier to end the meeting. It was seconded by Paul Desmarais. All were in favor.

The next meeting will be June 13, 1996 at 7:00 p.m. at South Rd School

--Tracy Kubricky, Secretary


Susan Smith
Vin Henry
Robert Gingras
Debbie Siravo
Ed Irzyk
John E. Barrett
Curtis Mays
Brenda Moyer
Karen DeBoer
Bob Cruz
Grant Smith
Sarah Magnuson
David C. Tomlinson
Myrina Cardella-Marenghi
Ron Ramieri
William Parrillo