Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes--June 13, 1996

Board Members Present:

Kevin Currier, Paul Desmarais

Board Members Absent:

Larry LeBlanc

Meeting Minutes:

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Paul Desmarais at 7:05 P.M.

The treasurers report was read by Ron Ramieri. He advised there was $42,878.82 in Citizens Bank. $32,000 was transferred over to a higher interest account in Citizens. There was a discussion regarding the approximately thirty people still owing this years Association fees. A reminder letter will be sent out and a decision will be made to assess fees at a future meeting. Larry LeBlanc has not advised Ron when the lots had been turned over to Martin Lepkowski so a bill for the overdue association fees has not yet been rendered.

Committee Reports

Architectural Review Board:

Sarah Magnuson advised there were four request awaiting signature by Larry LeBlanc. They were for Two sheds (Aranghi, Curzake), one in-ground pool (Crowder), one landscaping request (DeBoer), and one railing on steps (Anderson). The homeowners were all advised to go ahead with there plans and the would be sent the written approval when Larry signed them. There was discussion of a garden in the side yard. The issue was tabled until an interpretation of the bylaws was obtained from Archie Kenyon.

Entertainment Committee:

Ron Ramieri advised the plans were being firmed up for a Tefft Hill golf tournament. Also, a Dinner Dance will be planned for the winter.

Grounds Committee:

Curtis Mayes read a report regarding the water tower field. It would cost $10,000 for topsoil to make the field. The cost would be $2500 to rake, re-seed, fill sinkhole, and fertilize. Curtis read a report regarding the mowing of the field by the main entrance. He spoke with McGovern and was advised it would be $750 to mow the field once in July and once in September. There was some discussion regarding the two mowings since only one was voted on. Curtis recommended leaving a twenty five foot buffer by the houses in Bramblewood. The board asked Curtis to survey the homeowners to see if they wanted a twenty five foot buffer or none at all and he will advise the board. Lori Gingras asked about who maintain the open space. she has some dead trees lying behind her house. She was advised concerned about termites getting to her house from the trees. She was advised since it was not a safety issue the association would not remove the trees but she could request permission from the covenant committee if she wanted to remove them herself.

Second Entrance Committee:

The committee is waiting for Larry LeBlanc to obtain a bid for the work.

Welcome/Farewell Committee:

The first social for new homeowners was held on June 12, 1996. Approximately twelve attended and it was a great success.

Yard Sale Committee:

The Fall yard sale is tentatively scheduled for the weekend after Labor day.

Bylaws Committee:

No report

Covenant Committee:

There were no new violations.

Old Business:

A meeting is to be held after the board meeting, with the ARB and the Andrews to discuss the shed and fence.

New Business:

A bulletin (board --Ed) is needed for the association. Paul Desmarais will get an estimate from the carpenter LeBlanc builders uses.

Paul Desmarais made a motion to have an inexpensive tape recorder purchased to tape the meetings. It was seconded by Kevin Currier.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 P.M. The next meeting will July 11, 1996 at Potter Hall (2nd fl Kingston Library)

--Tracy Kubricky, Secretary


Sarah Magnuson
Myrina Cardella-Maranghi
Ron Ramieri
Robert Cruz
Karen DeBoer
John Grieves
Curtis Mayes
Lucy Mueller
Jeanne Anderson
Sabine Franco
Laurie Gingras