Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes--July 14, 1996

Board members Present:

Kevin Currier, Paul Desmarais

Absent: Larry LeBlanc

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Bill Parrillo. The minutes of the June 13, 1996 meeting were read by the Secretary, Tracy Kubricky.

Treasurers Report

Ron Ramieri was not available to give the treasurers report. He sent in a copy to the board to be reviewed. A discussion was made regarding the overdue association fees. It is still not known when Martin Lapkowski took over his lots and he feels he does not owe any back money. Ron Ramieri was going to invite him to speak to the board to give his side of the story.

Architectural Review Board

Sarah Magnuson has resigned from the board. She is moving out of state. An opening will be posted in the newsletter and Kevin Currier will fill in until the position is filled.

Kevin Currier received an opinion from Archie Kenyon regarding the wording in the by-laws pertaining to gardens. The guidelines for gardens should be the same for any outbuilding in Tefft Hill which is 10 feet from the back property line and 15 feet from the side property line. The homeowner who requested permission for a garden will be advised the permission is not necessary.

Grounds Committee

Curtis Mayes was asked at the last meeting to call the homeowners surrounding the large field near the main entrance to see if they wanted a 25 foot buffer left between their properties and the field. Curtis called the board members and advised the homeowners wanted a 75 foot buffer. Kevin Currier called the insurance broker to see if they had any requirements to mow the field. Brenda Clark from Starkweather and Shepley advised Kevin they had no requirements that the field be mowed. Kevin Currier then made several attempts to reach the Fire Marshall and advised to secretary of the concern the field might be a fire hazard. The Fire Marshall never called back. The only reason to cut the field is because it was voted on. It was decided to cut the field leaving the 75 foot buffer on Bramblewood and whatever the area McGovern quoted for the area near McQueeney's house. The mowing will be coordinated with the entertainment committee if they are having a Tefft Hill picnic.

Entertainment Committee

A question was raised regarding liquor being served at any party sponsored bythe association. Brenda Clark has advised both Tracy Kubricky and Kevin Currier that are not insured at any event we serve liquor at. She also advised any function should be Tefft Hill residents only and since all homeowners own the common areas, the homeowners insurance policy should cover any accidents.

Second Entrance Committee

Since most materials will be donated, the only cost will be the excavation. The excavator advised his costs should be about $400. It was decided by the board that Gary Dyer should be given the OK to do the work. Kevin and Paul will stop to see John Barrett and Tim geremia to see if they had any problems immediately after the meeting.

Welcome/Farewell Committee

Myrina asked if something can be done for Sarah Magnuson to thank her for help with the association . She thought a bird house would be nice. She was advised to get an estimate but it should not cost more than $25. Kevin Currier offered to write a thank you letter from the Board of Directors.

Old Business

The Andrews fence issue is still open. Tracy will contact Tony Andrews and ask about the rocks and Kevin Currier will contact Larry LeBlanc to set up a meeting to discuss the issue with the Andrews.

Paul Desmarais has a cost for the bulletin board foe $400. The board voted to order the board to be installed at the top of Kings Ridge across from the water tower.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15


Vin Henry
Myrina Cardella-Maranghi
Dave Jones
Laura Jones
Curtis Mayes

There will not be a meeting in August. The next meeting will be September 12, 1996 at South Road School