Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes--September 12, 1996

Board members Present:

Kevin Currier, Paul Desmarais

Absent: Larry LeBlanc

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Bill Parrillo. The minutes of the July 11, 1996 meeting were made available by the Secretary, Tracy Kubricky.

Grounds Committee

Curtis Mayes gave an informal report. A contractor was found to cut the field for $500. Peter Grandin of Grandin Landscape & Supply advised he would cut as much of the field as he could for $500 since that is the amount the homeowners voted on. It should have been cut sooner. Paul Desmarais voted to approve the contract to cut the field and it was seconded by Kevin Currier. Curtis advised the grounds committee would draw up an inpact statement to determine how the open space will affect the property values. Kevin Currier advised Curtis to have individual items broken down to be voted on individually by the homeowners at the annual meeting.

Tracy Kubricky received a request from a homeowner to have stepping stones put by the bulletin board to reach it without stepping on the mulch. She will arrange to have slate put down. Curtis advised some people have complained about the bulletin board. All in attendance agreed it was exactly what was required.

The agenda for the meeting and the officers names and phone numbers is currently posted. It was requested that the meeting minutes be posted as soon after the meetings as possible.

Treasurers Report
Ron Ramieri advised there is $5717.05 in the checking account. In the savings account there is $30,274.78. Sixteen people are still behind in their dues. There are some people who have extenuating circumstances. A few do not live in Tefft Hill. A notice was sent advising there might be a $25. charge if the dues are not paid. There is still an open issue regarding the homeowner who was given lots from LeBlanc. He has been paying $10 instead of $100. There is also one homeowner who owes $398. He has been sent letters from Kelly in the past. It was suggested that Ron Ramieri check into putting a lien on that lot.

Newsletter Committee
The newsletter was submitted for approval. Two minor changes were made. Susan Smith will give the changes to Grant and he will print them up for distribution.

Entertainment Committee
The golf tournament is scheduled for October 19. Ron requested an RSVP be put in the newsletter for October 1, 1996. Everyone participating will get a favor and prizes will be given out. A plaque will be given out and it will be used every year. A steak fry will be that evening.

Architectural Review Board

A question was made regarding the gift for Sarah Magnuson. It was decided a $25 gift certificate and a thank you letter be given to her for her time and effort on the Architectural Review Board. Tracy Kubricky will get a certificate from Filenes and Kevin Currier will draft the letter.

There was one item needing approval for a fence at 7 Dovetail. The homeowner was given a verbal approval. Larry LeBlanc never sent back the ARB forms with his approval. Kevin Currier approved the fence as did Tracy Kubricky.

New Business
Kevin Currier advised there is a $100 registration fee to have Teffthill as a registered name on the internet. All agreed to the need. The newsletters and the by-laws would be put on the site and an email address is being established.

The dog problem was brought up. People are allowing their dogs to leave their deposits near the sidewalks. It was decided something should be put in the newsletter addressing the problem.

No other committee reports.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 PM.