Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes--October 10, 1996

Board members Present:

Kevin Currier
Paul Desmarais

Absent: Larry LeBlanc

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Vice President Paul Desmarais. The minutes of the September 12, 1996 meeting were made available by the Secretary, Tracy Kubricky.

Grounds Committee

Ken Burke advised Curtis Mayes can make arrangements to have a speaker from the R.I. Wildlife Association speak (at no charge) at the annual meeting. They will do an assessment of our development (free of charge) and make a suggestion for a "natural" landscaping treatment that will enhance/protect our open space areas.

The Board of Directors asked the committee to prepare a bid to get our landscaping contract for next year. There was some discussion about how Bob Hazelwood has done an excellent job maintaining the open space. Even though everyone agrees, the Board of Directors must represent the entire association and if anyone comes back with a bid much lower than Bob Hazelwood, the Board has a duty to the homeowners to evaluate all responsible bids for this work.

Covenant Committee

There have been some homeowners who have been doing work in the open space adjacent to their homes. Because the open space is owned by all homeowners, permission should be obtained by the Covenants Committee before any work is done in the open space. a letter will be sent to the homeowners involved reminding them of this policy.

There was a problem with a subcontractor of LeBlanc Builders dumping in our open space across from the current model home. Kevin Currier spoke to Larry LeBlanc and Larry agreed to have the area cleaned up and re-seeded. Kevin sent a letter to Larry to confirm this conversation.

The Association also received a letter from a homeowner regarding lot 134. It has become an eyesore because the subcontractors of LeBlanc Builders have been using this as a dumping ground. Kevin addressed this issue with Larry LeBlanc and asked him to have it cleaned up. Larry advised Kevin that Chestnut Hill Associates has been dissolved. The lot on Wingate is now owned by Archie Kenyon and the lot 195 on Chestnut Hill Rd is now owned by Larry LeBlanc. Larry also indicated that this lot would be cleaned up.

The Board of Directors was contacted by Sheila Urban of the DOT regarding the bike path. They are taking a 6500 foot area of open space by eminent domain. However they are only taking this area for two years. They do not expect to have any heavy equipment on this area. Only workers are expected to be using it to walk on. A vote was taken to sign the necessary documents for this temporary easement. There was some discussion regarding the impact the bike path will have on Tefft Hill. There are not any easily accessible areas for the general public to access it from within Tefft Hill. They will be able to access it from the current South Road location. If there is an increase in crime, the police department will most likely put in bike patrols as they did on the East Bay bike path.

Kevin Currier spoke to Dean Albro regarding the detention pond issue. The DEM and the Engineering firm hired by LeBlanc builders have come to an agreement regarding the water flow figures. The only requirements will be lips on the pipes and additional rip rap installed. There is no requirement to cut down any trees. The DEM is rewriting a consent decree to be signed by Larry LeBlanc as president of LeBlanc Builders.

Welcome/Farewell Committee

Myrina questioned the feasibility of a Realtors page being put on the Web. The board decided it would be an invasion of homeowners privacy.

Treasurers Report

Ron Ramieri advised there was $30, 274 in the savings account. There was some discussion regarding overdue association fees. Ron will send notices to all overdue homeowners advising them liens will be put on their houses after December 1 if the dues are not paid, or arrangements to pay them are not made.

Second Entrance Committee

Paul Desmarais advised Randy Rocha told him he is too busy to do any work on the second entrance. Paul got an estimate from Bob Hazelwood to do the work on the second entrance. There was a discussion regarding the second entrance and since no one objected to doing the work. Kevin Currier made a motion to have Bob Hazelwood do the work for the price outlined in the proposal which is $1,600. It was seconded by Paul Desmarais.

By-laws Committee

No one present. It was suggested that a by-law change be made to change the annual meeting from the first Saturday in December to the third Saturday in January. this will be one item voted on at the annual meeting.

No other committee reports

New Business

Larry LeBlanc has verbally advised a member of the Board he is going to be resigning. Paul Desmarais made a motion to have Bill Parrillo fill out the board position until the January meeting once the resignation is received in writing. Kevin Currier seconded the motion. That would mean there will be two board of director openings at the annual meeting. One for a one year to fill Larry LeBlanc’s remaining term and one three year term. There will be two years remaining on Kevin Curriers’ current term.

The meeting adjourned at 8:15 P.M.