Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes--November 14, 1996

November 14, 1996

Monthly Board Meeting

Board members Present:

Kevin Currier
Paul Desmarais

Absent: Larry LeBlanc

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Vice President Paul Desmarais. The minutes of the October 10, 1996 meeting were made available by the Secretary, Tracy Kubricky.

Ron Ramieri gave the Treasurers report. $3608.16 is in the checking account. $30639.83 is in the money market account. Certified letters have been sent out to all the homeowners who are behind in the annual dues except for one who lives in Germany. Paul is to obtain their address. A motion was made by Paul Desmarais to have the delinquent accounts turned over to an attorney, at the end of the year, to have liens placed on their properties. The motion was seconded by Kevin Currier. There was some discussion of what the fees would be besides the legal fees. The bylaws state there is a $25 fee. There was still a discussion regarding the status of Martin Lepkowski and how much he actually owes the association.

Entertainment Committee
Ron Ramieri advised the committee is making arrangements for next years golf tournament. They have favors left over to be used for the next tournament. Next year the committee expects to give better prizes. This years tournament seemed to be successful. The committee is in the planning stages for a dance during the winter. More information will be made available in the future.

Grounds Committee
Ken Burke presented the Board of Directors with the newspaper ad for the landscaping bid for 1997. Ken and Curtis Mayes mapped out all of Tefft Hill and marked what needed to be maintained by a landscaper. They also set up two other areas to be bid on by a landscaper. These areas are the field to the left by the main entrance and the field behind the water tower. The first bid will be to mow the open space twice per year but preserve the characteristics of on open hay field. The second bid will be to establish a recreational field behind the water tower. Both of these items will be voted on as separate items by all the homeowners at the annual meeting in January 1997. The Board of Directors asked to have a few changes made in the ad. Ken will make these changes and return them to the Board of Directors by Tuesday November 19 to have the ad put in the Narragansett Times by the end of the month.

John Morrell presented the Board of Directors with a letter from he and his wife. They ask that we retain Bob Hazelwood as the associations landscaper and we give him a three to five year contract. The Board of Directors advised John Morrell they are extremely pleased with the work being done by Bob Hazelwood. However, they have a fiduciary responsibility to the homeowners to at least investigate other landscapers. The board has asked Ken Burke to make sure it is in the bid that the contract will not necessarily be given to the lowest bidder. Ken expects to have the results of the bids compiled and presented to the Board of Directors at the January 9, 1997 meeting to determine if it will be necessary to have the homeowners vote on the landscaping contract.

There was a discussion by the Board of Directors regarding a tree located on open space which needed to be cut down. It was decided to hire Bob Hazelwood for $50 to cut down the tree which was in danger of hitting a homeowners property.

Second Entrance Committee
All the work is completed except for the annuals which will be planted in the spring.

Welcome/Farewell Committee
The committee has gathered the names of the homeowners who moved in over the summer. They were making plans to contact them before the Holidays.

Architectural Review Board
There were some questions regarding sheds but no approvals given. One approval was given for a homeowner to change the size of a window. There was also a question of a homeowner painting a house without prior permission. The ARB went to see the new colors being planned and they were basic colonial colors.

Modification Committee
No report

Covenants Committee
There was some discussion regarding anonymous complaints regarding a homeowner who had a rental apartment. There was no proof this was happening. Also, there was a problem with a shed being built without approval and a fence being erected. All items were to be referred to the Covenants Committee for investigation and to have letters sent out if there was a problem.

There was a discussion regarding by-law changes to be voted on at the annual meeting. There was an item regarding removing a Board of Director when they do not show up for meetings. It was recommended the wording be changed from will be removed to may be removed. There was some discussion regarding the taping of the Board of Directors meetings. The taping is a guide for the secretary and the minutes are not a verbatim transcript of the meeting. The next meeting will be on December 12, 1996 at 7:00P.M. at South Road School.

The meeting ended at 9:15 p.m.