Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes--December 12, 1996

December 12, 1996

Monthly Board Meeting

Board members Present:

Kevin Currier
Paul Desmarais
Bill Parillo

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. by President Bill Parrillo. The minutes of the November 14, 1996 meeting were made available by the Secretary, Tracy Kubricky.

The Treasurers report was read by Ron Ramieri. There is $497.06 in the checking account and $29,751.63 in the savings account. There was a check for $1,875.00 for the last installment for landscaping. A check for $1,600.00 for the second entrance. A check for $250.00 for tree removal. A check for $189.75 for the landscaping ad in the Narragansett Times. $43.33 for certified mail and a for deposit only stamp.

There are still 8 homeowners who owe dues. Paul Desmarais advised Mr. Savastano would be paying his bill. And no legal action should be taken until Paul was notified.

Entertainment Committee:
After the holidays the committee would start to plan a dance. There is nothing formal for Christmas caroling. Just a date of December 22nd for neighbors to get together and sing.

Grounds Committee:
Curtis Mays advised the ad was in for the landscaping bid Ken Burke had received five calls. There would be a meeting on Saturday December 14th to explain the bid to any interested parties. Curtis advised the Board that Ken Burke did a great job with the bid process and wanted to publicly thank him for his work. Vin Henry asked about the decorations at the two entrances. He wanted to thank Bob Hazelwood for the job he did.

Curtis asked about what should be done about the field that was mowed in the fall. It was $500.00 for the mowing; nothing else was required. It was decided nothing else should be done with the field at this time. It should be left as a natural meadow.

Curtis asked about the shoveling of snow. There was a discussion of the liability issues involved in the association shoveling the snow. Sue Gabriel advised the town has plowed the sidewalks in the past. Curtis will contact the town as a representative of the Grounds committee to see if they will take care of the path to school. There is no town ordinance in South Kingstown requiring people to shovel their own sidewalks.

Paul Desmarais asked about the recreation field. He advised the issue be put on hold until the liability issues get resolved. The homeowners now are currently responsible for any injuries which occur in the open space. The associations insurance policy of one million dollars would be the first coverage, the officers policy of one million dollars would be the second coverage, then the 220 homeowners would equally share in any claim over the two million dollars. The recreation field is only going to remove any existing hazards and may not increase our liability. We are contacting the insurance agency to get see if the work on the field will increase or decrease our costs. We are also getting bids from other insurance companies. Paul Desmarais suggested we hire a lawyer to tell the homeowners that they are responsible for the property. There was some discussion regarding this. Hiring a lawyer is not necessary to explain a fact to the homeowners. Paul Desmarais made a motion to explore the issue and advise all the homeowners of the costs and liabilities before they vote. The motion was seconded by Bill Parrillo. All this information will be given to the homeowners in the newsletter that is being sent out the beginning of January.

Newsletter Committee:
The newsletter has been delivered to the block captains. In the beginning of January an annual meeting newsletter will be delivered.

Welcome/Farewell Committee:
A party for new neighbors is scheduled for the beginning of January. There are three houses for sale in Tefft Hill and three lots. Two of the lots are LeBlanc Builders.

Architectural Review Board
Three sheds have been approved and one addition is being approved. There was a question regarding whether the roofline of a shed had to match the roofline of a house. As long as it is an approved roofline in the by-laws it should be approved by the committee. The roofline does not have to match the house. Paul advised if it was a by-law change people should be notified. It is not a by-law change.

Covenants Committee
Paul advised the committee was sending letters to all homeowners who had a violation.

Old Business
Paul asked Kevin Currier the status of Mr Lepkowski. There is a difference of opinion between Archie Kenyon and Mr Lepkowski regarding whether Mr Lepkowski should be considered a developer. Tefft Hill Associates has made their opinion clear and if he does not pay what is owed he should have a lien placed on his property when the other liens are placed the beginning of January.

New Business
Tracy Kubricky questioned procedures for the annual meeting. There will be a list of Tefft Hill homeowners at the meeting. When thay sign in, they will be given one ballot per household. Also, there will be committee signup sheets. The new Board of Directors will be able to use the sheets to set up the committees. A list of what was done by for the Association should be given to all homeowners.

We received a "thank you" letter from Sarah Magnusen for her gift when she moved away. Archie Kenyon sent a letter saying he would like to continue to offer his services to the Association and he would be willing to come to the annual meeting. A legal committee would be formed to consider the legal aspects affecting the Association.

Vin Henry addressed the need for more people to attend the meetings. He was advised by the board to see what he could do. We received a resignation letter from Larry LeBlanc removing himself from all positions he currently holds.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 P.M.


Brenda Moyer
Rich Kasper
John Gover
John Morrell
Curtis Mays
Vin Henry
Rick Siravo
Susan Gabriel