Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes--January 9, 1997

January 9, 1997

Monthly Board Meeting

Board Members Present:

Kevin Currier
Paul Desmarais (Paul was available by telephone for any necessary votes)

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. The minutes of the November 14, 1996 meeting were made available by the Secretary, Tracy Kubricky.

The Treasurer's report was given by Ron Ramieri. There is $29,870.57 in the savings account and $816.31 in the checking account. Eight people still owe fees however, one is a renter who just realized it was part of his lease to pay the association fees. A motion was made by Kevin Currier to charge a twenty five dollar late fee per year plus any legal fees and court costs to these people. The motion was seconded by Paul Desmarais via telephone. Kevin advised he needed a list of everyone who was delinquent to have an attorney place a lien on their properties.

Entertainment Committee
A golf tournament is being set up for August. A dance is being scheduled possibly for March. A homeowner had sent in a request for an ice skating rink. It was decided that due to the liability issue it would not be considered at this time. There is skating available at Potter Woods and at the Guild. There was some discussion about family entertainment. Ron Ramieri advised, anyone interested in setting something up could present it to his committee.

Welcome/Farewell Committee
Myrina Cardella-Marenghi advised there was a reception January 7, 1997 for the people who had moved in since the spring. About 30 people attended. It was a great success.

Covenants Committee
No one attended. Kevin Currier advised when the new board is elected, the responsibilities of the Covenants committee will be firmed up.

Architectural Review Board
Two additions were approved.

Newsletter Committee
Grant Smith was waiting for the final information for the pre-annual meeting special issue.

There was some discussion regarding the election of officers and it was decided it would be fairer to have two separate votes. The agenda was firmed up.

Grounds Committee
There was a discussion of damage being done to the open space by cars. It is believed to be a young teen driver. People will try to pay special attention to the area to see if the culprit can be caught in the act. One complaint has been put into the police so far. There was discussion of Tefft Hill providing boat storage. It is something that will not be considered at this time because of the liability issue. Curtis advised the wall at the main entrance will need tending to in the spring. Also, the lot across from Watch Hill Way is open space. LeBlanc's people cleared it in error. Kevin Currier will address this issue with Larry Le Blanc to see if he will provide any trees. Ken Burke presented the board with the bids for the mowing of the open space and the two areas to be voted on at the annual meeting. The committee recommended Bob Hazelwood be granted the contract. Kevin Currier made a motion to accept the bid and it was seconded by Paul Desmarais via phone.

The next board meeting will be at South Rd School on February 13, 1997 at 7:00 P.M.

Bill Boardman
Susan Gabriel
Curtis Mayes
John Gover
Ken Burke
Myrina Cardella-Marenghi