Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes-- February 1997

February 13, 1997

Monthly Board Meeting

Board members present:

Bill Boardman
Kevin Currier
Richard Kasper

Officers present:

Curtis Mays
Susan Gabriel
Ron Ramieri
Tracy Kubricky

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 P.M. by President Curt Mays. Curt opened the meeting by saying that he is active in the association to protect his investment. In addition to maintaining each individuals own property, it is important to keep the open space as attractive and safe as possible. He will continue to support any work on the open space which will help the property values in Tefft Hill.

The minutes of the January 9, 1997 meeting were read by the Secretary, Tracy Kubricky. A motion was made by Rich Kasper to accept the minutes. It was seconded by Bill Boardman. The minutes were accepted as read. Rick Kasper questioned if there was a library of old minutes available. He was advised all the minutes are on the web site since the association was turned over to the homeowners in the summer of 1995.

The Treasurer's report was given by Ron Ramieri. There is $856.39 in the checking account and $29,976.75 in the savings account. Five people still owe dues. Only one is over a year old. Certified letters were sent in September and December. A motion was made by Bill Boardman to accept the treasurers report. It was seconded by Rick Kasper. Ron questioned what amount should be put on delinquent bills. He was advised to send out the current bill with the overdue balance and the $25 late fee(per year). There was a question regarding the voting rights of the individuals who were delinquent. It was found in the by-laws 3.6 (iv) page B-4 that if anyone is more than 30 days overdue, they lose there right to vote until they are currant.

The Secretary advised that there is a small change in the budget. The 220th lot in Tefft Hill is the water tower. They water company has never been assessed association fees. Also, the water company pays Bob Hazelwood directly for mowing. Since the water tower lot is not part of the association, the association is not liable for anything which occurs on that lot.

Entertainment Committee
Chairperson Ron Ramieri advised the date for a summer golf tournament has been set up for August 23 at noon at the Exeter Country Club. Also, a dance is being planned for April 4th or 12th. The Holiday Inn is one location being considered. A picnic is being planned for June 28th. The Yawgoog Valley waterslide was investigated but the cost was $21 for four hours. This was considered too high and other places are being investigated. A three-on-three basketball committee is being set up to organize games and possibly a volleyball league. There are two coed softball teams in Tefft Hill. A golf league was discussed. A Christmas shopping trip to NYC is also being considered.

Grounds Committee
Ken Burke the chairperson advised the landscape contract is being awarded to Bob Hazelwood. There will be one payment March 15 of $2200. The balance would be divided over the following seven months. Bob Hazelwood is planning to attend the March association meeting to address any questions the Board might have. Ken called the people who signed up for the Grounds Committee and he will be meeting with them after the meeting. One concern is the health of the chestnut trees along the main entrance. Rich Kasper asked the committee to give some thought to planting trees where there has been a problem with teen drivers driving on common areas. Curt Mays advised there was a comprehensive plan regarding the open space and wanted to make sure the extra money voted at the annual meeting was not for just trees. He was advised the money was allocated to improve common areas, not necessarily planting trees.

Newsletter Committee
Grant Smith sent a message saying he was planning a newsletter for March/April. He was also considering a kids page. Grant asked that anyone who had anything they wanted to put in the newsletter to please let him know. Curtis asked that somehow people should be advised that the monthly meetings are important and they should not wait until the annual meeting to express their feelings since a lot of people volunteer their time to take care of association business.

Architectural Review Committee
There was nothing pending. The new chairperson will be Karen DeBoer.

Covenants Committee
Ed Pare had advised Kevin Currier he was too busy to attend meetings and he would resign. Kevin has not received the letter. A motion was made by Rick Kasper to appoint Bob Cruz chairperson of the committee. It was seconded by Bill Boardman. It was decided to wait until the March meeting to appoint new members to the committee. Ideally, people would be appointed to represent all three sections of the development. There was some discussion regarding whether complaints should be accepted in writing only. The board wanted to discuss the issue further when the committee is in place. Kevin advised one area the covenant committee will probably get involved in will be satellite dishes and should probably be discussed as soon as the committee is in place.

Legal Committee
The chairperson is Barbara Margolis. She will assist the board in determining when it will be necessary to hire a lawyer for any problems which may come up. The only lawyer to respond so far was Terry Simpson. He advised a letter should be sent to the delinquent homeowners on the law firms letterhead before any liens were filed. he would charge $25 for each of these letters. A motion was made by Kevin Currier and seconded by Rick Kasper to have Terry Simpson send out these letters. If they do not pay, he can then place the liens on the property. The board will wait until the March meeting to make a final decision on retaining a lawyer for the Association.

There was some discussion regarding the homeowner who considers himself a Declarant. Kevin Currier advised it was not the difference between the $10 and $100 that is paid for association dues. The main concern is if he is a Declarant, he can build any type of house he wants on his two remaining lots. Barbara advised if we hired a lawyer to research this issue, we should limit the lawyer to a set amount of hours to do the research.

Insurance Committee
The chairperson, Todd Buckley, advised the insurance policy was still with Starkweather & Shepley. There is a question regarding whether the insurance should be one or two million dollars. Todd advised one million should be sufficient but the by-laws should be changed. There was a discussion regarding this being a typographical error. Tracy Kubricky advised she would verify with the town what has been filed to verify what is the legal copy of the by-laws.

Baby-sitting Coordinator
Susan Gabriel will compile a list of teens willing to baby-sit. A form will be put in the newsletter. The form must be signed by the teens parents. A list will be formulated and made available to homeowners with a waiver saying the association is not responsible.

Old Business

Kevin Currier advised the detention pond issue is back. An agreement was made with the town, the DEM, and the homeowners. The DEM was supposed to rewrite the consent decree for Larry LeBlanc to sign approximately seven months ago. They did not do this. Now, because of the bike path, the DEM is saying the plan is no good. We are back to square one and this issue will have to be addressed. If anyone knows of someone who can help, they should contact Kevin. It seems to be more of a political issue than a legal issue at this time.

New Business

Cooperative Purchasing Committee
Curt Mays would like to form a committee to negotiate bulk purchases. Computers, shrubs, frozen food or services like the garbage pickup are some things to be considered.

Rick Kasper advised a homeowner contacted him regarding the speed on Chestnut Hill Road. He asked about stop signs by High Meadow and Bramblewood. He was advised all the roads have not yet been accepted by the town and this may cause a problem. There was some discussion regarding how much help stop signs would be. Rich would investigate the matter further.

A homeowner on Bramblewood advised of some thefts on their street. Chairs and other items have been stolen off porches on her street. No one else has had a problem. The board would like to be advised if the problem reoccurs.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 9:20 by Kevin Currier. It was seconded by Rick Kasper.