Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes-- March 1997

March 13, 1997

Monthly Board Meeting

Board members present:

Bill Boardman
Richard Kasper
Absent: Kevin Currier

Officers present:

Curtis Mays
Ron Ramieri
Tracy Kubricky
Absent: Susan Gabriel

The meeting was called to order by President Curt Mays at 7:05. The minutes of the February meeting were distributed. Two corrections were made. The minutes were amended and a motion was made by Rick Kasper to accept the minutes. The motion was seconded by Bill Boardman.

The Treasurer's report was read by Ron Ramieri. There is $555.65 in the checking account and $30,072.64 in the savings account. A bill was received for the insurance. One bill for $1000 for directors and officers and one bill for $1818.04 for open space.

Insurance Committee
The Secretary will make copies of the policies to give to Todd Buckley and Curt Mays to see if a better policy can be found.

Entertainment Committee
The committee has scheduled a dance for April 19th. The room is $200 and the DJ is $200. There was some discussion regarding the possibility of not enough people attending the dance to cover the costs. The board decided the risk was small enough to take a chance. A date for reservations will be set up to make sure there will be enough people attending. The break-even point is 50 couples. If more attend the profit will be put in an entertainment fund. Bill made a motion to go forward with the dance. It was seconded by Rick Kasper. Ron will make up the flyers to distribute to the block captains.

Grounds Committee
Bob Hazelwood advised the stone wall at the main entrance is in need of repair. He received a quote of $480 from a stone mason to repair the entire formal wall. The board asked to have the stone mason clarify the contract to do the work. There was a discussion regarding the Russian olives choking the cedars in the meadow. Bob will get a cost to Ken Burke for cutting these bushes. Also, Bob will cut back the Russian olives that grow over the sidewalks. There was some discussion regarding the payments of Bobs contract. Bob will make corrections on the contract and give it to Curt Mays for signature.

There are areas of open space that need to be improved. Bob will walk through these areas with the grounds committee to come up with a plan to start to improve these areas. Also, there was some discussion regarding the birch trees near Bramblewood. It is believed they might be on open space. There was also discussion regarding planting trees along Chestnut Hill Rd since the chestnut trees will not last too much longer.

Entertainment Committee
A rough draft newsletter should be available for the April meeting.

Architectural Review Board
One request for a shed has been approved.

Old Business
The law firm of Kelly, Kelleher, Reilly & Simpson has sent out letters to the homeowners who are behind on their homeowners fees. If the fees are not paid in ten days they will place liens on the properties. There was discussion regarding the homeowner who declares himself a Declarant. Ron Ramieri will forward the information he has to Barbara Margolis to get an estimate of how many hours to research the issue.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 9:05 by Bill Boardman. It was seconded by Rick Kasper. The next meeting will be at South Road School on April 10, 1997.