Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes-- April 1997

April 10, 1996

Monthly Board Meeting

Board members present:

Bill Boardman, Richard Kasper, Kevin Currier

Officers present:

Curtis Mays, Ron Ramieri, Tracy Kubricky
Absent: Susan Gabriel

The meeting was called to order by Curtis Mays at 7:10. The minutes of the March 13th meeting were made available by the Secretary.

The Treasurers report was read by Ron Ramieri. There is $9,759 in the checking account and $30,170 in the savings account. Ron advised one of the homeowners who was referred to the lawyer for overdue association fees called to complain about their name being printed as a deadbeat and how the associations practices are disgusting. No one has had their name published anywhere for being delinquent. The names were only given to the attorney. The board of directors were not made aware of who they were until they were given copies of the letter to the attorney. Ron asked the board if he should send a letter to the homeowners advising them of this fact. After some discussion it was decided to not send a letter. They were already advised this was not true. Of the homeowners who were referred to the attorney, only the one who owes three years is still outstanding.

Entertainment Committee
The dance is to be rescheduled for May 3. It will be posted in the newsletter. The committee is checking into a picnic in June. Possibly at Yawgoog Bakes. The golf tournament is at noon on August 23rd.

Newsletter Committee
The newsletter will be distributed next week. The copy was made available to the board.

Grounds Committee
Bob Hazelwood requested $100 to cut back the Russian olives. Kevin Currier made a motion to approve the $100. It was seconded by Bill Boardman. The motion passed. There is not yet a date for the open space improvements. When the date is established, a separate flyer will be distributed. John Morrell advised he has evergreen trees he will donate to the association to be used in open space areas. There was a discussion regarding the stand of pines by the main entrance. The property is not owned by Tefft Hill. The property owner has offered to split the cost of removing the dead trees but the cost would still be prohibitive. The town is planning on sweeping the streets mid-June. Curt Mays will talk with the town to see if they can do the work sooner.

Covenants Committee
Bill Boardman made a motion to appoint John Morrell to the vacant three year term. Barbara Margolis is to be appointed to fill the one year vacancy left by the resignation of Ed Pare. The motion was seconded by Rick Kasper and passed.

The redistricting meeting was discussed. A notice will be put in the newsletter to advise the homeowners of the meeting.

Old Business
A letter will be sent to the attorney to investigate the homeowners claim that he is a Declarant. The attorney will be give permission to take up to four hours to research his claim.

New Business
There is a lot on Wingate owned by Archie Kenyon which is being used as a dumping ground. Curt Mayes will send a letter to Archie requesting the lot be cleaned by April 15th 1997.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 p.m. The next meeting will be May 8th at 7:00 p.m.