Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes-- May 8, 1997

May 8, 1996

Monthly Board Meeting

Board members present:

Bill Boardman, Richard Kasper, Kevin Currier

Officers present:

Ron Ramieri, Tracy Kubricky, Susan Gabriel
Absent: Curtis Mays (vacation)

The meeting was called to order by Susan Gabriel. The minutes of the April meeting were made available by the Secretary. A motion was made by Bill Boardman to accept the minutes. The motion was seconded by Kevin Currier and carried.

Treasurers Report
There is $30,179.15 in the savings account and $10,466.81 in the checking. Thirty six homeowners still have not paid the 1997 fees.

Grounds Committee
There will be three areas of open space to be improved. Bob Hazelwood is donating his time and getting plantings at his cost. We need volunteers to do the work. Ken Burke will notify the Secretary of the date and she will notify the block captains.

Newsletter Committee
Grant Smith is planning on issuing a newsletter early July.

Architectural Review Board
One shed has been approved.

Legal Committee
A letter has been sent to Terry Simpson asking him to investigate the claim by one homeowner that he is a Declarant. He should have the information by the June meeting. A lien will be placed on the homeowner who has not paid all of there past dues.

Old Business
A lot on Wingate was partially cleaned up. Curtis is contacting the lot owner to advise him it is not complete.

Detention pond
Kevin Currier will sent a letter to DEM advising them we need to be involved in any meeting involving the builder. He will send copies to all the Board of Directors before the letter is sent out.

New Business
A homeowner would like to be reimbursed for $32 hauling fees for cleaning out open space. There was some discussion regarding payment. Approximately 12 children built a fort in the open space in the summer and the homeowner did not notice until the leaves fell. He tried to get the parents to clean it up but only one parent did any clean up. Kevin made a motion to pay the $32. However, this will be not be setting a precedent. All requests for cleanup of open space will be considered case by case. Parents need to be aware, to avoid our insurance premiums from going up, forts can not be built on open space . A notice will be put in the newsletter reminding homeowners nothing should be done in the open space without permission. The motion was seconded by Bill Boardman and carried.

No one in Tefft Hill will be redistricted.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10.