Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes-- June 12, 1997

Monthly Board Meeting

Board members present:

Bill Boardman
Kevin Currier

Officers present:

Susan Gabriel
Curtis Mays
Ron Ramieri
Tracy Kubricky
Absent: Richard Kasper

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 by President Curtis Mays. The minutes of the May meeting were distributed by Secretary Tracy Kubricky. A motion was made to accept the minutes.

Treasurers Report
Ron Ramieri advised there was $10,774.81 in the checking account. The savings account is unchanged.

Legal Committee
Terry Simpson from Kelly, Kelleher, Reilly & Simpson presented his opinion regarding the homeowners who consider themselves declarants. Terry advised there is no evidence of this. They are responsible for a $100 association fee rather than a $10 fee. They must also follow all association rules. The board had further questions regarding this issue and Terry will follow up on these issues. Terry will send a letter stating that the board of directors has found he is not a Declarant and if he agrees to this point we will waive the overdue fees. If he does not agree to this we will lien his properties. Kevin Currier made a motion to spend $250 to clear up this issue. It was seconded by Bill Boardman. If a lien is necessary, the association will pay the filing fee.

Grounds Committee
The work in the open space went over budget by approximately $250. The board approved the overrun but advised to try to stay closer to budget in the future. Ken Burke spoke about the association possibly getting involved with the adopt a spot program for the bike path. He will get more information on the program and keep the board informed. It would probably involve picking up litter four times per year. The lot on Wingate is only partially cleaned up. Curt will follow up with Archie to make sure it gets completed.

Architectural Review Board
One fence, one shed, and one addition have been approved. There are two openings on the board. A notice will be placed in the newsletter asking for volunteers. Preferably from phase I and II.

Welcome/Farewell Committee
There were twelve houses for sale. Seven of them are currently sold or pending sale. There will be a welcome reception in the fall for the new homeowners.

Covenants Committee
There is a house on Kings Ridge that infrequently mows the lawn and has landscaping problems. Bob Cruz will speak with the homeowners involved.

New Business
There has been a request from homeowners to place notices on the bulletin board. Lawnmowing and pet sitting services by teens, etc. The board advised this would be O.K. No articles for sale should be posted on the board. Any one requesting to have something being posted should contact Tracy Kubricky.

Old Business
There is a meeting regarding the detention pond issue on June 18th. Kevin Currier will keep everyone posted on the results of the meeting.

There will be no July meeting. The next meeting will be August 14th at 1 South Glen Court.