Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes-- August 14, 1997

August 14, 1997

Monthly Board Meeting

Board members present:
Bill Boardman
Kevin Currier
Rick Kasper

Officers present:
Curtis Mays
Ron Ramieri
Tracy Kubricky
Susan Gabriel

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 by President Curtis Mays. The minutes of the June meeting were distributed by Secretary Tracy Kubricky. A motion was made to accept the minutes.

Treasurers Report:
Ron Ramieri advised there was $6,285.01 in the checking and $30,461.64 in the savings. Approximately $2725 is still owed. Rick Kasper made a motion to send out reminder letters to the homeowners still owing homeowner fees. The motion was seconded by Bill Boardman. The motion passed.

Entertainment committee:
Ron Ramieri advised the response to the golf tournament is less than last year.

Grounds Committee:
No official report. Bob Hazelwood has sent a message to the board that he will be planting bulbs in open space areas instead of geraniums due to the early summer drought.

Newsletter committee:
No official report. Ron Ramieri advised the board there are printing fees for the newsletter which were not budgeted. They are about $75 four times per year.

Architectural Review Board:
Karen DeBoer sent in a report advising one request for a deck was approved. Nothing else is pending at this time.

Covenants Committee:
The homeowner with the unlandscaped area was spoken to and advised to correct the problem. The lawn has been mowed with a little more frequency but nothing has been done to the front of the house. Bob Cruz will send a letter requesting this work be taken care of.

Legal Committee:
No report

Old Business:
Wingate lot - Curt Mayes was advised, by Larry LeBlanc, a house was to be built in October on the vacant lot on Wingate. The house was expected to be completed by December.

Detention Pond issue - Kevin Currier attended the meeting with the DEM and the DOT regarding the affect the bike path will have on this issue. He is keeping everyone informed on this issue. It is not expected any major alterations will be done to the open space areas.

Declarant issue - Terry Simpson sent letters to the homeowners questioning this issue and advised they are liable for $100 and not $10. Also, they are not Declarants. After some discussion, a motion was made by Kevin Currier to have Terry Simpson put together a simple letter advising the homeowner if they agree they are not Declarants and will honor all the bylaws, we will accept $10 until the lots are sold or built on. the letter will be hand delivered. The motion was seconded by Rick Kasper and passed.

New Business
Henry Meyer, Manager at Kingston Water District, attended the meeting to request an easement on an area of open space off Woodmark Way. He explained exactly what the plans are for this area. a meeting will be set up by Bill Boardman will Mr. Meyer and the homeowners to discuss this issue further.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 P.M. The next meeting will be September 11, 1997 at South Road school.