Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes-- September 11, 1997

September 11, 1997 Monthly Board Meeting

Board members Present:
Bill Boardman
Rick Kasper
Kevin Currier

Officers Present:
Curtis Mays
Ron Ramieri
Tracy Kubricky
Susan Gabriel

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 by President Curt Mays. The minutes were circulated by the Secretary and approved by the board.

Treasurers Report:
Ron Ramieri reported $30,644.89 in savings and $5,689.01 in the checking. Ron will send out reminder letters to the homeowners who still have not paid the homeowner fees.

Entertainment Committee:
The annual golf tournament was held on August 23rd. A trophy will be made up that will be circulated to a representative of the winning foursome each year.

Newsletter Committee:
No official report. Curt Mays advised Bob Hazelwood would be willing to put landscaping tips into the newsletter.

Architectural Review Board:
Karen DeBoer sent in a report. There was one request for a fence approved by the committee.

Covenants Committee:
Bob Cruz advised a letter was being sent to a homeowner on Kings Ridge advising them to have their property landscaped and mowed.

Legal Committee:
Terry Simpson has written a letter, as requested by the board, to put an end to the issue involving the homeowner who believes he should be a declarant. With this letter, he sent his opinion regarding the issue. The board decided to not take any action on this until all board members can review it. Rick will speak with Kevin Currier regarding this issue.

Old Business:
The Kingston Water Company did not attend the meeting because there is a question regarding the ownership of the open space. Rick will discuss this with Barbara Margolis and Kevin Currier to see if we need to have the lawyer review the situation.

Lot on Wingate -- Since nothing has been done as yet, Curt Mays will send Archie Kenyon a letter advising him the lot needs to be cleaned up or construction on a new house must be started by November 3rd. If this is not done, the association will hire someone to clean the lot and lien the property.

New Business:
One of Pulte Homes sub contractors deposited the gravel from the driveway of the Model home on Chestnut Hill in the open space across the street. Curt called Kelly at Pulte and requested to have it cleaned up. It has not been done as yet. Curt will follow up on this.

Rick Kasper brought in a drawing for a new sign to replace the one which disappeared from the second entrance. He is willing to construct the sign himself. He will get costs for the October meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20. The next meeting wil be in the art room at south Road School on October 9th at 7:00 p.m.