Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes-- October 9, 1997

October 9, 1997

Monthly Board Meeting

Board members Present:

Bill Boardman
Rick Kasper
Kevin Currier

Officers Present:
Susan Gabriel
Tracy Kubricky
Curtis Mays
Ron Ramieri

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Susan Gabriel.

Treasurers Report:
Ron Ramieri sent in the report. There is $30,742.68 in the savings account and $5,099.01 in the checking account. There are fifteen homeowners still owing association fees.

Newsletter report:
Grant Smith is planning on a newsletter for the beginning of November. He is looking for Halloween pictures for the newsletter. Bob Hazelwood will be providing tips for the newsletter. Grant brought in an ad from Alert Phone to help defray the copying cost. No objections were given. Grant will put a disclaimer on the ad.

Architectural Review Board:
Karen had nothing submitted this month.

New Construction Committee: (no formal committee)
Ed McQuire of Mooresfield Builders submitted a plan for a house being built on Lookout Lane. The house follows all the guidelines of houses built by LeBlanc Builders.

Covenants Committee
No report.

Legal Committee
No report.

Old Business
There was discussion of the homeowners who considered themselves Declarants. A letter was sent to Terry Simpson regarding the Declarant issue. There is only one lot under discussion since the second lot was sold in September. All fees were paid on that lot but the check is being held by Terry Simpson until the issue is resolved.

Detention Pond - A draft revised consent decree was sent to Commonwealth Engineering for review in September.

Lot on Wingate- Curt Mays sent a certified letter to Archie Kenyon requesting the lot be cleaned up by November 3, 1997 or we will have it cleaned and bill him for the work.

Kingston Water Company easement- Archie Kenyon sent a copy of the letter mailed to Henry Meyer, of Kingston Water District, advising them the Tefft Hill Homeowners Association would have to approve any easements. Rick Kasper had asked Terry Simpson what was involved in researching the issue. He advised it would take about three and one half hours. Rick made a motion to authorize Terry Simpson to research the issue not to exceed ten hours of billable time. The motion was not seconded. Bill Boardman felt the Water Company should prepare the easement and we would have our lawyer check it.

A motion was made by Rick Kasper to pay $200 for materials for a new sign at the second entrance. Rick will build the sign at cost. The motion was not seconded. Rick and Bill will discuss this with Kevin Currier and make a decision before the next board meeting.

New Business
Speeding issue- There has been a great deal of speeding on Chestnut Hill Road with a few near misses with the kids walking to and from school. A petition is being circulated to have stop signs and speed limit signs installed. Rick made a motion to take care of this petition and it was seconded by Bill Boardman. We want to present the petition to the Town Council in November. There was a discussion regarding installing some of our own signs. Some other alternatives were discussed. It was decided Grant would draft a letter and have the board approve it. This letter would be sent to all homeowners. Also, Grant would put something in the newsletter advising homeowners the speed limit is 25mph and action will be taken against the violators. We will remind everyone of the issue in the Spring newsletter.

Halloween safety- Floyd Keith will have the football team patrol Tefft Hill once again. There was some concern about the team being unable to do it because of the Saturday game but after the meeting Floyd agreed to once again have his team help us out.

There was a discussion of Tefft Hill getting involved in community service. Susan Gabriel advised she and Rick Kasper would coordinate a food drive and a blood drive. Rick made a motion to donate Tefft Hill funds to a worthy cause. It was not seconded.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45

The next meeting will be November 13th at 7:00pm at South Road School.