Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes-- January 8, 1998

Monthly Board Meeting

Board members present:

Bill Boardman
Rich Kasper
Kevin Currier

Officers present:

Susan Gabriel
Curtis Mays
Ron Ramieri
Tracy Kubricky

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 by the President, Curtis Mays. The minutes of the December meeting were circulated. A motion was made by Rick Kasper to approve the minutes. The motion was seconded by Kevin Currier.

The Secretary advised a Thank You card was received from Robin Kenyon, the mail carrier who covers the Tefft Hill area, thanking everyone for the Tefft Hill mug.

Grounds Committee:
Curt Mays requested Bob Hazelwood to have Bob Hazelwood invited to the annual meeting in case anyone had any questions for him.

Newsletter Committee:
Curt Mays advised Bob Hazelwood does not object to having his name used in the newsletter for the Joe Mulch tips.

Architectural Review Board:
No requests this month. Karen DeBoer sent in a message advising the board of the current opening. She is looking for a homeowner from phase I or phase II.

Covenants Committee:
No formal report. It has been brought to the boards attention that a homeowner has done quite a bit of work in the open space without permission. A letter will be sent to the homeowner by the Secretary advising the homeowner of the proper procedure.

Legal Committee:
No report

Old Business:
KWD easement
- The Board will meet with the Kingston Water District to discuss the easement Bill Boardman will contact everyone with the date.

Blood Drive - Rick Kasper advised 23 people attended the blood drive. Twenty were able to give blood therefore, 60 people were helped. The Red Cross advised 12 people is the norm for a first time blood drive, therefore ours was very successful.

Speeding Issue - Rick Kasper spoke with Police Chief Vin Vespia. The Chief agrees with the petition and will forward it to the town engineer for study. Rick has approximately 200 signatures so far.

New Business:
Some homeowners have complained about all terrain vehicles (ATV) driving in the open space. Motorized vehicles are not allowed on any area of open space and the police have been called and will be called in the future. This is the same policy for the future bike path.

The next meeting will be February 12, 1998 at 7:00P.M. at South Road School.