Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes-- March 12, 1998

March 12, 1998 Monthly Board Meeting

Board members present:

Bill Boardman
Kevin Currier
Via phone: Rick Kasper

Officers Present:

President - Curt Mays
VP- Karen DeBoer
Treasurer-Ron Ramieri
Secretary- Tracy Kubricky

The meeting was called to order at 7:12 by President Curtis Mays. The minutes from the February meeting were made available by the secretary. They were approved by the board of directors. The Treasurers report was given. There is $3119.27in the checking account and $28,181.07 in the savings. Ron investigated CD's and other checking accounts for better rates. The board decided $20,000 should be put in a fifteen month CD at Newport Savings Bank. Five thousand will be placed in a savings account and the balance will be left in a checking account. The Homeowners association bills were all mailed.

Architectural Review Board:
Nothing formal has been submitted. One homeowner has asked the committee about a gazebo.

Covenants Committee:
A letter was drafted giving a homeowner in Phase I permission to work in the open space. The violation on Kings Ridge was discussed. A date will be set up at the April meeting to met with the homeowner and to discuss exactly what needs to be done.

Newsletter Committee:
The newsletter should be distributed in April. Curt Mays advised Gates Insurance has asked to sponsor this issue.

Neighborhood Watch:
A committee will be set up to coordinate with the police department a plan of action.

New Business:
A meeting was set up with the neighbors on Wingate Road to discuss the new house being built on that street. Bill Boardman will discuss this issue with Archie Kenyon who is the lawyer representing Pulte Homes.

The next meeting will be April 9th at 7:00pm at South Road School.

Agenda for the April Meeting

April 9, 1998