Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes-- April 9, 1998

April 9, 1998 Monthly Board Meeting

Monthly Board Meeting

Board members present:
Bill Boardman
Rick Kasper

Kevin Currier

Officers Present:
President - Curt Mays
Treasurer- Ron Ramieri
Secretary- Tracy Kubricky

VP Karen DeBoer

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 by President Curtis Mays. The minutes from the March meeting were made available by the secretary.

Treasurers Report
To clarify the March minutes, Ron advised the CD would be a 13 month Certificate of Deposit. There is $28,266.31 in the savings account. $14,529.07 is in the checking account. $6700 is still to be collected. One homeowner from last year has not paid. They have been referred to the attorney.

Architectural Review Board
A homeowner called to request the requirements for an inground pool. Karen DeBoer gave the information. A formal request has not yet been received. Larry Le Blanc sent in the landscape plan for the house Pulte Builders is building on Wingate Rd.

Covenants Committee
The Board of Directors and the covenants committee chair will visit the homeowner who has not kept their lawn mowed. After the meeting, the next course of action will be discussed.

Entertainment Committee
The golf tournament is scheduled for August 22, 1998. It will be at Lindhbrook Golf Course. The price will be significantly less that last year.

Grounds Committee
Curt Mays received a request from Bob Hazelwood to purchase whiskey barrels to place around Tefft Hill. Bill Boardman made a motion to approve $400 for this. The vote was seconded by Rick Kasper and passed. There was a discussion regarding the area of open space on Chestnut Hill Rd across from Watch Hill Way. A rest area is being considered. Curt will discuss with the adjourning neighbors and it will be mentioned in the newsletter. It will be discussed at the May meeting. There was a discussion regarding the water tower lot and the mulch washing onto the sidewalk every time it rains. Curt Mays will speak with Henry Meyers regarding this issue.

Newsletter committee
The spring newsletter will be published shortly.

Welcome Committee
The welcome party is being planned for May.

Old Business
The Kingston Water District has decided to use an alternate path to the new well and will not be needing a right of way through Tefft Hill.

A neighborhood watch is being established. A meeting will be announced in the newsletter.

The next meeting will be May 14, 1998 at 7:00 p.m. South Road School.

Tefft Hill Farm Association
Board of Directors Meeting

May 14, 1998