Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes-- May 14, 1998

Board Members:

Bill Boardman, Rick Kasper, Kevin Currier

President - Curt Mays, Treasurer- Ron Ramieri, Secretary- Tracy Kubricky VP- Karen DeBoer

The meeting was called to order at 6:45 by President Curtis Mays. The minutes from the April meeting were made available.

Treasurers Report- $8,275.38 in the Citizens checking account to be transferred to the Newport Federal account. There is already $9,610 in the Newport Federal savings account. $1,000 is in a savings account and $25,000 in a Certificate of Deposit. Forty homeowners still owe.

Architectural Review Board- Karen DeBoer advised one homeowner requested a pool and shed. One other homeowner requested a shed and one a deck. The landscaping is completed at the house on Wingate Rd.

Covenants Committee- A letter was delivered to the homeowners who was not mowing their lawn. A follow up letter will be sent.

Grounds Committee- The mulch at the water tower does not seem to be washing on to the street any longer. A discussion was made regarding placement of the whiskey barrels. Curt will advise Bob Hazelwood of the locations.

Welcome Committee- The Welcome party is scheduled for May 27th at 6:00 P.M. All Board members are invited.

The neighborhood watch meeting will be held immediately following the next Board Meeting.

The next meeting will be June 11, 1998 at 6:30 p.m. South Road School. There will not be a July Meeting.