Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes
June 13, 1998

Board Members:

Rick Kasper
Absent: Bill Boardman, Kevin Currier


President - Curt Mays, Treasurer- Ron Ramieri, Secretary- Tracy Kubricky Absent: VP- Karen DeBoer

Meeting Minutes:

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 by President Curtis Mays. The minutes from the May meeting were made available.

Treasurers Report- $8,160 in checking account. $9,252.84 in savings account. $25,000 in a Certificate of Deposit. Forty homeowners still owe.

Architectural Review Board- Karen DeBoer sent in a report advising approval has been given for an addition on Paddock Ct. Two homeowners are installing decks. One on Tefft Ridge La and one on South Glen Ct.

Covenants Committee- A written complaint was received regarding a commercial vehicle consistently parked on Long View Ct. The complaint will be refered to Bob Cruz.

Grounds Committee- Ken Burke advised a complaint was made to DEM regarding a washout near the bike path. The complaint was investigated and was found to be the responsibility of the company doing the bike path construction. The problem is being rectified by Pezza Construction.

Lt. Peckham gave information regarding the neighborhood watch. The individual responsible for the break-in on Dovetail has been caught and is currently in the ACI. All homeowners should advise the neighbors when the are going away and stop mail and newspaper delivery. If they also advise the South Kingstown PD an officer will check the house during their rounds.

Neighborhood watch signs will be placed at the two entrances soon. The neighborhood watch coordinators are Sharon Desaulniers and Tracy Kubricky.

The next meeting will be August 13, 1998 at 1 South Glen Ct. There will not be a July Meeting.