Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes -- Aug 13, 1998

Board Members:

Present: Bill Boardman, Kevin Currier, Rick Kasper


Present: Curt Mays, Karen DeBoer
Absent: Tracy Kubricky, Ron Ramieri

The meeting was called to order by President Curt Mays. The minutes had been made available by the Secretary to be read. The was no treasurers report available.

Architectural Review Board: A fence and a pool were approved. Plans have not yet been submitted for the lot on Bramblewood. Tracy is checking with Ed Macguire.

Covenants Committee: No action was taken regarding the truck parked on Long View Ct. The truck has rarely been seen since the complaint was received.

Grounds Committee: a five year plan is being developed by Curt Mays. Ken Burke requested 4350 for bulbs for. It will be discussed at the September meeting when Ken and the Treasurer are present. Also, so Glen has requested whiskey barrels to prevent all terrain vehicles from using the open space. We will be receiving a bill from Tony Santucci for shrubs planted above the rock wall on the corner of Bramblewood and Chestnut.

Newsletter Committee; Grant Smith advised he is planning a newsletter for the end of September. The board will talk to Terry Simpson regarding putting in an article regarding use of open space.

Old Business:  The drop box for Campus Video should be installed any day now. Kevin Currier will draft an agreement with Campus Video regarding the placement of this box.

Welcome Committee: a party will be planned for the fall to welcome the new people who moved in over the summer.

New Business:

The next meeting will be held on September 10th at 7pm at South Road School.

Agenda for September 1998 Meeting