Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes-- November 12, 1998 

Board Members Present:
Bill Boardman, Kevin Currier, Rick Kasper

Officers Present:
President Curt Mays, Secretary Tracy Kubricky, Treasurer Ron Ramieri, Vice Pres. Karen DeBoer

President Curt Mays called the meeting order. The minutes of the October meeting were made available. The minutes were accepted as distributed.

Treasurer’s Report: $25,000 in the CD account. $10,027.47 in the savings account and $1,223.47 in the checking account. There are still 13 homeowners who have not paid the Association fees. A letter will be sent to these homeowners advising them they are to be referred to the attorney if the payment is not made.

Architectural Review Board: Karen DeBoer advised nothing submitted this month.

Covenants Committee: The homeowner from Long View Dr attended to respond to a complaint received by the board. A homeowner had written a complaint regarding a large commercial truck consistently parked in the driveway. An abutting neighbor attended to advise the board the vehicle was not offensive to her or her husband. The board discussed different options to correct the violation. Kevin Currier agreed to talk to the homeowner, who wrote the complaint, to see if any of the options would be workable. The issue will be discussed at the December meeting.

Grounds Committee: Curt Mays presented a revised comprehensive plan. Kevin Currier made a motion to place $3000 in the capital budget for two trees and improvements to the cleared open space on Chestnut Hill Rd across from Watch Hill Way. Other smaller improvements will also be made throughout the development. Rick Kasper seconded the motion.

Old Business:

The next meeting will be 7pm December 10, 1998 at South Road School.

Tefft Hill Farm Homeowners Association
Thursday, December 10, 1998