Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes-- January 14, 1999

Monthly Board Meeting

Board members present:

Bill Boardman
Kevin Currier

Absent: Rich Kasper

Officers present:

President Curtis Mays
Vice President Karen DeBoer
Treasurer Ron Ramieri
Secretary Tracy Kubricky

President Curt Mays called the meeting order. The minutes of the December meeting were made available. The minutes were accepted as distributed.

Treasurer’s Report:
$25,000 in the CD account. $5,864.28 in the savings account and $2,223.70 in the checking account. Five homeowners still owe fees.

Architectural Review Board:
Karen DeBoer advised approvals for two fences were sent out.

Covenants Committee:
Certified letters are being sent to the homeowner of the house with the commercial vehicle and to the occupant. There is one opening for the covenants committee. It will be announced at the annual meeting.

Grounds Committee:
Ken Burke has been it contact with Leona Kelly to discuss plans for the Tefft family cemetery.

Old Business:
Thirty-three pints of blood were drawn at the annual blood drive. This will help ninety-nine people.

New Business:
The secretary has received calls questioning the Association role in Y2K. The board feels this is not a problem directly facing the association and no action will be taken.

The agenda for the annual meeting was discussed. The annual meeting will be January 27th at South Rd School at 7pm. The next board of directors meeting will be 7pm February 11, 1999 at South Road School.