Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes-- February 11, 1999

February 11, 1999 Monthly Board Meeting 

Board Members Present:

Sharon Desaulnier, Rick Kasper Absent: Bill Boardman (out of the country)

Officers Present:

Vice Pres. Karen DeBoer, Secretary Tracy Kubricky, Treasurer Ron Ramieri, Absent: President Curt Mays

Vice President Karen DeBoer called the meeting order. The minutes of the January meeting were made available. The minutes were accepted as distributed.

Treasurer’s Report:

$25,000 in the CD account. $5,888.30 in the savings account and $1,036.68 in the checking account. Three homeowners still owe fees. They will be referred to the attorney.

Architectural Review Board:

Karen DeBoer advised no new requests. The two other committee members are Elizabeth Beaulieu and Kevin Currier.

Covenants Committee:

The covenant committee now consists of Bob Cruz, chair, Barbara Margolis, and Diane Currier. A letter was sent to the homeowner with the truck on Long View Ct advising removal by February 5th. The truck has not been parked there since that date.

Grounds Committee:

No report.

Old Business:

Rick Kasper brought in a planted chestnut collected from the a chestnut tree on Chestnut Hill Rd. He gave a demonstration on the correct planting technique. Tracy Kubricky will have her cub scouts work on this for a Cub Scout badge.

New Business:

Tom Mueller has contacted Beck Refuse collection regarding pick up in Tefft Hill. Surveys will be sent out to the block captains to see if there is interest in switching. Insurance issue. There is some question regarding the actual cost of insurance for the association. Tracy Kubricky will contact Dave Gates to verify the actual cost of the insurance.

The next board of directors meeting will be 7pm March 11, 1999 at South Road School

Agenda for the March Meeting

Thursday, March 11, 1999