Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes-- April 8, 1999

April 8, 1999 Monthly Board Meeting

Board Members Present:

Sharon Desaulnier, Bill Boardman, Rick Kasper

Officers Present:

President Curt Mays, Vice Pres. Karen DeBoer, Secretary Tracy Kubricky, Treasurer Ron Ramieri

President Curt Mays called the meeting order. The minutes of the March meeting were made available. The minutes were accepted as distributed.

Treasurer’s Report:
$3,401.75 in the savings account. $10,448.22 in the checking account. The $25,000 CD should start earning interest this month.

Architectural Review Board:
One approval was given for a pool and a shed on Kings Ridge.

Covenants Committee:
Still waiting for letter from Terry Simpson regarding "Eminent Domain" issue. One homeowner on High Ridge has requested permission to clean out autumn olives and poison ivy in the open space adjacent to their home. Permission was granted. The homeowner on Long View Court with the commercial vehicle is considering attempting a by-law change. Bill Boardman will provide her with the requirements.

Ground Committee:
High school students have started The clean up of the cemetery in Tefft Hill. Completion is expected by the end of the month. A motion was made by Bill Boardman and seconded by Rick Kasper to spend $500 on trees. Curt will talk to Bob Hazelwood on where to purchase the trees. Curt advised the board of the death of Bob Hazelwood’s brother. The secretary will send a sympathy card. Rick Kasper will purchase 100 chestnut trees to be planted by the scouts and homeowners. He will forward an article to Grant Smith for the newsletter advising the homeowners where to pick them up. A motion was made by Bill Boardman and approved by the full board to spend $300 on loam, wildflowers and myrtle to fill in the bare open spaces in the development. $250 was authorized to place trees on High Meadow.

Newsletter Committee:
Grant Smith is planning a newsletter for mid May. He is looking for information to be put in the newsletter.

Old Business:
Bill Boardman requested $100 additional to have the by-laws put on line. Rick Kasper made a motion to pay $100 more. Sharon Desaulnier approved.

The next meeting will be May 13, 1999 at 7pm at South Road School.