Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes-- September 9, 1999

September 9, 1999 Monthly Board Meeting 

Board Members Present:

Sharon Desaulnier, Rick Kasper, and Bill Boardman

Officers Present:

President Curt Mays, Vice Pres. Karen DeBoer, Secretary Tracy Kubricky, Treasurer Ron Ramieri

The meeting was called to order by the President, Curt Mays. The minutes of the August meeting were made available. The minutes were accepted as distributed.

Treasurer’s Report:
$15,507.75 in savings. $26283.98 in the CD. $2,737.79 in the checking account. Approximately $3000 is still outstanding in homeowner’s dues. Reminder letter will be sent out this month.

Architectural Review Board:
Nothing submitted this month.

Grounds Committee:
Elaine Mangiante appeared before the board to express her concerns regarding the plan for clearing the field on High Meadow. There was discussion on the work being completed without the approval of all the homeowners in the area. It was decided the homeowners affected would have a meeting before the next board of directors meeting and advise the board of their plan for the meadow.

Covenants Committee:
Someone is purchasing a house in Tefft Hill to run a family day care. The board decided to have the lawyer review the Rhode Island law and give the association an opinion. It was agreed to spend no more than $500 to get this opinion. The secretary will contact Terry Simpson regarding this issue.

Old Business:
There are still drainage problems with the bike path. Rick Kasper will send a certified letter to the DOT. Ken Burke advised that the ground committee will be planting seeds at the South Rd entrance to the bike path. He asked to have a notice put in the newsletter requesting homeowners to save their perennial seeds to plant in the spring.

Sharon Desaulniers advised she has received complaints from homeowners regarding the late pick up of garbage. The secretary will ask Tom Mueller to contact Beck Sanitation and request garbage be picked up in the morning.

The next meeting will be held at South Road School at 7PM October 14th 1999.