Tefft Hill Farm Homeowners Association 
Monthly Board Meeting Minutes
November 9, 1999

Board Members Present: 
Sharon Desaulnier, Rick Kasper, and Bill Boardman

Officers Present: 
Vice Pres. Karen DeBoer Secretary Tracy Kubricky,
Treasurer Ron Ramieri, 
Absent: President Curt Mays

The meeting was called to order by the Vice President, Karen De Boer. The minutes of the October meeting were made available. The minutes were accepted as distributed.

Treasurer’s report: About $2,000 still outstanding in homeowner dues. Warning letters are being sent out in December advising homeowners they will be turned over to our attorney for collection. $15,531.60 in
savings. $947.05 in checking. CD is same.

Architectural Review Board: No activity

Covenants Committee: Bill will forward the working draft from Terry Simpson to the board members for approval regarding the Bramblewood Day Care issue.

Grounds Committee: Curt Mays sent in his ideas for the grounds committee. The ideas were discussed but no decisions were reached.

Old Business: No serious problems were reported on Halloween. The board will make sure we have extra security next year. Bill Boardman reported the by-laws are almost ready to be put on line. They were distributed to everyone to proof read. Garbage issue: A new refuse company has approached Tefft Hill. They were referred to Tom Mueller to investigate.

New Business: The bike path was discussed. There is a section of Tefft Hill’s open space, which was altered by the bike path’s construction company, and when it rains there is an overflow to the bike path. This needs to be corrected to prevent Tefft Hill from being blamed for the problem. Rick Kasper will file a violation with DEM. Sharon will call Susan Sosnosky to see if she can help. 

Blood Drive- Rick Kasper has made arrangements for the annual blood drive to be held Saturday, December 11 from 9am ‘til 1pm. Tefft Hill will be providing refreshments.

Due to conflicting schedules, the next meeting will be Tuesday, December 7th at South Rd School at 7pm.